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We’re at Glam To Go flat with bride-to-be Celina Pompeani who’s alive on her coiffure for the large day!

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HEATHER ABRAHAM: We’re completely aflame about article actuality on PTL. And it has us buzzing, actuality comes the helpmate every now and then.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Yeah, we’re speaking about Celina Pompeani’s accessible wedding ceremony. We could not be happier for her. And we adulation afterward forth as Celina selected her accession space and moreover the costume. However that is a secret. So do not acquaint anyone about that.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: We aftermost noticed Celina alive on her bells day make-up, as you could bear in mind. And in the present day, we’re absorption on the newest conjugal beard traits. And Celina, we have watched this hour as you are accepting your beard curled. Space are you in the present day?

CELINA POMPEANI: Heather and David, it is possible for you to to see the ultimate acknowledge in aloof just a few seconds. We’re ending up. So I’m at Glam To Go forth Perry Freeway in Wexford. And the admirable Annika Tenace is administration my hair. She is among the homeowners. She completely co-owns it along with her sister, Raquel, who was moreover blind out with us actuality in the present day. So Annika, aboriginal of all, this has been a blast.

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ANNIKA TENACE: So enjoyable.

CELINA POMPEANI: So considerable enjoyable. I confirmed Annika my costume. And it affectionate of has a romantic, affected vibe to it. So I stated to Annika, what affectionate of look would you do? So what are we engaging in actuality in the present day, Annika?

ANNIKA TENACE: So we’re exercise to build up your beard precise romantic, precise delicate. Your costume is gorgeous. So we affectionate of attempt to task off of your completed eyes on your wedding ceremony. So we’re aloof exercise to build up it cool female and fairly. And we urge for food you to attending aloof like your self, however your animated adaptation of your self.

CELINA POMPEANI: Precisely. And that is vital too. I used to be curious, what are brides doing? I assumption added contempo brides that you just settle for fashioned on, do they wish to give attention to a bottomward coiffure? Do they urge for food to build up it up, bisected up bisected down? However you stated it is vital to do what you’ll normally– the way you abrasion your beard day-after-day.

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Story continues

ANNIKA TENACE: Yeah, you continue to urge for food to attending like your self. So you do not urge for food to be abashed aback you airing bottomward the alley in your bells costume and attending completely totally different. So a variety of brides now are chopping it bottomward and softer. Quite a lot of the updos are cool bendable and natural, aloof befitting combination was like a variety of texture, and aloof fairly, and settle for a variety of motion seem it.

CELINA POMPEANI: I adulation it. And that is what this look seems like. You would see all the motion aback right here. And I adulation curls. I adulation large quantity. And so she’s affliction me. I adulation it. However I am aflame as a result of the of completion, what we’re exercise to be engaging in is placing on this admirable headpiece. That is from Conjugal Starting. It is a Maria Elena headpiece. And it is so beautiful. I can not delay to place this in my hair. I am going to accord you a bit of tease. My costume is accessible right here. So I settle for an accessible chest. So I figured, Annika, why not aback I am not chopping a necklace, we’ll settle for a admirable headpiece in my beard with the veil.

ANNIKA TENACE: And it will attending considerable together with your beard blush and aloof add a bit of little bit of animation to your hair.

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CELINA POMPEANI: So what are we engaging in applicable now? I apperceive we’re ending up right here.

ANNIKA TENACE: Yeah, we’re exercise to aloof cull cautiously some items aback aloof to accord you a bit of little bit of absorption and a few acme as a result of we apperceive you want quantity. So we’ll accumulate it cool delicate. And once more that is aloof exercise to actualize a bit of pillow for that headpiece to enter.


ANNIKA TENACE: And that is moreover space your blind will sit.

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ANNIKA TENACE: As soon as the day of. So let’s have a look at this.

CELINA POMPEANI: OK, actuality we go, all people.

ANNIKA TENACE: Stunning. Gorgeous.

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CELINA POMPEANI: Sure, I like– Maria Elena has admirable headpieces. So we, oh, I can not delay to see it aback in there. David and Heather, what do you anticipate to date?

HEATHER ABRAHAM: It seems stunning.

CELINA POMPEANI: I am exercise to simply accept to get a– oh good. I am going to get a kind of mirrors so I might see myself and see the aback of it.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: However you apperceive what? It is completely as she declared it. It is delicate, it is stunning, it is romantic. And also you apperceive Celina? I adulation that you just’re engaging in this too as a result of it is very important set a timeline so you’ll be able to abide to task on these items if you happen to urge for food a bit of little bit of added this, otherwise you urge for food an added beard allotment or one thing.

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DAVID HIGHFIELD: Nicely, I did not settle for the completed balloon factor. However I settle for it now. You urge for food to check out what attending you anticipate will attending finest. And also you apperceive what, Celina? You might be exercise to be such a enticing bride.


DAVID HIGHFIELD: And also you attending absurd applicable now.

CELINA POMPEANI: Oh, acknowledge you, David and Heather. I can not delay for the large day. Here is a bit of bastard peek. Cannot delay to allotment pictures.

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HEATHER ABRAHAM: Acknowledge you, Celina. And he or she would be the alone one that may get her beard finished and do an account on the aforementioned time.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: I do know. She’s multitalented. That is for positive.

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